Contemporary Woodturning...
         Expanding the boundaries...  Ancient tradition...  New expressions...

Our developing body of work is equal parts turning and sculpting;
and aspires to bring contemporary woodturning
to an audience interested in nature, sculpture and the visual arts.

Salvaged wood from distressed or dying trees is our "canvas"...
all being native to Tidewater VA and NC.
Our natural environment is our inspiration.
Please enjoy!
Ray and Martha


~ ~ ~
Turned HOLLY vase-form,
  bleached and lacquered.
Pyro-engraved and INLAID
with crushed stones and shells
(i.e., lapis, malachite, abalone).
~ ~ ~

INLAID brass & crushed stones
define the leaves & flower clusters
on this turned Holly vessel.
Stems are pyro-engraved.
Lacquer finish.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Lapis Lazuli"   
The design on these elegant vase-forms
is defined with crushed stones and pyrography.
Blue lapis and green malachite
are INLAID on a turned Holly vessel.
Lacquer finish.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Hide N Seek" 
A whimsical work...
Dolphins at play...
Holly.  Turned, sculpted.
Inlaid, bleached, lacquered.
14" high x 10.25" diameter; 26 oz.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Peepers"  #2
A lovely, sculpted vase-form
reflecting some garden residents.
Created from an old, fallen Holly, it was
lathe-turned first, then sculpted and
bleached to preserve the natural whiteness
of the wood.  Design elements were detailed
with pyrography.  The work was finally
protected with several coats of lacquer.
12.5" high, 8.5" diameter, 30 ounces.
Artists' Collection
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As darkness recedes,
daylight emerges,
bringing with it  a sense of solitude and refuge
over our old mill pond...
This work was lathe-turned
from a large, distressed Holly
situated on the edge of that pond.
The work was bleached to preserve
the naturally white color of the wood.
Lacquer finishes the work,
creating a porcelein-like finish.
13"h x 6.5" diameter;  24 oz.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Because Hawksbills are critically endangered,
Martha was inspired to create this work.
(It is believed they reach maturity
after 20 years, though their
actual lifespan is unknown.
They are omnivorous, but selected
sea sponges are their principal food.)

This work was created
from another distressed Holly --
Ray's favorite wood to turn and embellish.

After air-drying the rough-turned vase- form
for about 5 months, Ray carved
and INLAID Martha's design
onto the surface using abalone shells
and crushed stones (turquoise, pipestone).
Lacquer protects the finished piece.
13" high x 8.5" diameter, 50 ounces.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


A Dragonfly in motion
presents elegance and grace.
Magical and agile, it can be compared
to a ballet dancer.  The Samurai
consider it to be a symbol of power,
agility and victory.  In China,
it is associated with prosperity,
harmony and good luck.
Among Native Americans,
it is a sign of happiness, speed and purity.
This work is a lathe-turned vase-form,
sculpted and INLAID with crushed
abalone shells and stones.
The wood is Holly, bleached to preserve
the natural whiteness of the wood;
and finished with lacquer,

giving it the appearance of porcelein.
13" high by 7.5" diameter, 14 ounces.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Flash Dance!"
This work was lathe-turned
from another large, distressed Holly
on the artists' farm.
It was sculpted and then INLAID
with abalone shell and
crushed stones.
It is finished with Lacquer.
11.75" high x 5.5" diameter; 12 oz.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Elephant Ears"
An elegantly sculpted vessel
created from a lathe-turned,
Holly vase-form.
Gracefully curving leaves are set off
by a stained textured surface
below the large leaves.
The work was bleached and
protected with a Lacquer finish.
11.5" high x 6.5" diameter.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Great white herons have represented
purity, patience, strength and long life
for many cultures over the years.
Males often will build a nest
to attract a prospective mate...
This male has chosen to hide
his nest high in the trees
among the Spanish moss.
~ ~ ~
The "canvas" for this turned, vase-form
is HOLLY, a large, distressed tree
 on the artists' farm.
Bleach and lacquer finish the work.
17.5" high x 9" diameter; 51 oz.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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